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N.S Frauenschaft Lapel Membership Badge

Enamelled Womens Association Membership Badge maker marked RZM MI/25

Code: 51088

25.00 GBP

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Third Reich Gilt Tunic Button Button

Third Reich S.A maker marked Gilt Tunic button

Code: 51086

10.00 GBP

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Imperial German Wounds Badge in Black

WW1 German Black Wounds Badge. The badge retains the majority of its original finish and is complete with pin and catch

Code: 51085

28.00 GBP

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Third Reich Maker Marked Silver Wounds Badge

1939 Pattern Die struck Solid Alloy Construction with silver coloured wash Text Bok example by L/53 Hymmen & Co with original pin assembly

Code: 51092

65.00 GBP

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WW2 German Black Wounds badge

WW2 Black Wounds Badge with original pin and catch. Loss of exterior paint to front badge exposing base metal

Code: 50206

30.00 GBP

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WW2 Medal Grouping to Captain Gardiner plus Documentation

WW2 Medal Grouping ,documentation & photograph to Captain Stanley Thomas Garner from Glasgow. Enlisted in September 1927 @ Stirling for 21 years service including posting to Fort George [Seaforths] , Ardersier Inverness shire

Code: 51078

95.00 GBP

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WW2 Grouping to Captain Gardiner plus Documentation Cont.

Code: 51079


Imperial German Cut Out Black Wounds Badge

WW1 German Cut Out Black Wounds Badge. Badge retains a high percentage of its original paint and is complete with correct pin assembly

Code: 51077


WW2 Multi Piece S.A Pennant

Bring back war souvenir consisting of a double sided multi piece S.A Pennant supported by two rings joined by stitched War Merit Cross Ribbon. Stitched to the Pennant is a S.A gilt tunic button and rank pip Size approx 12" by 8"

Code: 51074

115.00 GBP

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Third Reich Mother's Cross in Bronze

Original Third Reich Mothers Cross in Bronze with full length of ribbon

Code: 51073

35.00 GBP

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